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The Ontario Conservatory of Music has been the leader in the promotion of music programs and progressive teaching systems since 1939. In 1945, at the end of WWII, we began expansion throughout Southern Ontario.

Through the years many talented musicians including Professor Zankov, George (Dixie) Dean (world renowned accordionist), Gavin Morton (popular band leader), and many others were enlisted as staff members, to assist in developing teaching programs which resulted in a major increase in the popularity of the organization.

These additions enhanced our reputation as a leading musical education facility. Ontario Conservatory of Music began what has now become the largest successful network of Music Studio Operating Franchisees in North America!

In 2008, Ontario Conservatory of Music moved the head office into the GTA allowing the new expansion plan to take root.

In our new home, we have entered into our 7th decade of successful operation. The Ontario Conservatory of Music has become the largest, most successful music education organization in Canada, with locations throughout Ontario.

Many competitors have made similar claims but none have pioneered, developed and perfected many of the programs being used today nor surpassed the size of Ontario Conservatory of Music.

The Ontario Conservatory of Music continues to provide leadership in the development of group music programs and expansion in the music industry. What began as a an organization comprised of 8000 - 10 000 steel guitar & 5000 accordion students developed into a Conservatory devoted to the studies of: Piano, Voice, Pre-school Music, Drums, Theory, Guitar.

To date the Ontario Conservatory of Music has enrolled and taught MILLIONS of children and adults. We will continue our current focus well into the future. To find out more about the programs Ontario Conservatory of Music has to offer or to speak directly with one of our admissions representatives contact us today!