• We are pleased to announce that all program schedules established prior to the recent temporary lockdown have now restarted and are underway.


  • Our staff are excited to have our students return and we know that our students need a fun program that they can safely attend which allows a break from the online learning. We continue to receive positive feedback from our students parents  and the public, having a safe and fun environment to bring children to where they can learn, have fun, and experience that in-person interaction has proven to be very important.
  • We are accepting new student enrollments and continue to provide an in-home or in-studio free musical aptitude evaluation. 


  • To receive information on any of our music lessons simply click on the Free In-home Music Assessment icon on any page and provide a few details, we will contact you and provide your family with a Free, No Cost & No Obligation Music Assessment which can be provided in the comfort of your home, or one of our neighbourhood locations.


  • Our Music Program Advisors are fully vaccinated and follow all Health Canada guidelines!


Covid – Health Canada Safety Measures

We would like you to be informed of the measures taken to ensure our facilities are 100% safe for everyone. We continue to follow all Health Canada Safety Regulations & Guidelines by taking the following measures:

All surfaces are cleaned on an ongoing basis with a Health Canada approved surface disinfectant.

All staff and customers are required to wear a protective mask at all times.

We continue to provide touchless hand sanitizer machines that dispense a 90% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Group Lessons: We have reorganized teaching rooms to allow for one teacher and up to a maximum of 4 students, socially distanced. This safe method provides the much needed social interaction our children and been missing!

Private Lessons: We continue to provide professional private lessons in a safe environment that allows for that personal one-on-one interaction with the teacher.

Instruments, benches, door handles, and touched surfaces are cleaned after every lesson.

Moving forward after Covid, we will continue to use Health Canada approved cleaning products – disinfectants and provide our touchless hand sanitizers on an ongoing basis.