Welcome to the Ontario Conservatory of Music.

Since 1939, the Ontario Conservatory of Music has brought the joy of learning a musical instrument to millions of Canadian families!

We developed the first music programs that enabled children to enroll into a structured program where you could have fun learning, take annual examinations, obtain your high school credits for reaching grades 8 and 9, and the ability to be trained as a career music teacher through our Assistant Teacher Training Program, in Canada!

Although traditional studies end with the completion of grade ten, we currently have over 200 students that have completed grade ten and are being prepared for the university level of study. With our institution, you or your child will be fully prepared for all educational program training and registration into certified Theory, History, Harmony, and Royal Conservatory of Music Exam preparation and completion!

We invented, developed, and pioneered, the widely used Group Method in use throughout North America today. As each decade passed, we perfected our methods while adapting to the ever changing landscape of education. Times change, but the core fundamentals of teaching have not. 

When you start a program with our institution, we will not ask you what you want to learn, we will guide you in the right direction and teach you what you need to know which can be applied to all genres of music. When you enroll with Ontario Conservatory of Music you can be assured that you will be shown the right path to a fun and educational program while learning exactly what you are required in each level. 

Click on the Free Assessment option on any page and provide a few details, a professional Program Advisor will contact you and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to you joining almost 90 years of music teaching excellence!