COVID-19 ACTION PLAN – Update November 23, 2020

Effective Monday November 23rd all locations have been temporarily closed in keeping with the lockdown measures imposed. 

We would like to thank the thousands of students who returned to lessons after the first lockdown. Despite having a plan that implemented all Health Canada safety measures, ensuring there was no spread of Covid 19 in any of our locations, this is an issue that is outside of our control and one that requires the responsibility and focus of everyone. 

We ask that everyone do their part in ensuring all precautions are taken, all health and safety measures are followed so together we can, and will, defeat this virus.  

We would like to confirm that all program schedules have been frozen. As soon as we   receive word that we can reopen we will be in contact with every student and have them quickly go back into the new schedule that was recently established. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

  • For more information please visit us on facebook at facebook.com/1939ocom


Through our 80 year successful history, Ontario Conservatory of Music has had the privilege of delivering a high quality musical education to millions of Canadian families while becoming the largest school of its kind in North America.

From the beginning, Ontario Conservatory of Music has developed music lessons that are fun and utilize unique, progressive instructional methods. We created and pioneered the Group Teaching Method that is now widely used by most music schools today.

Why has our Group Teaching Method become so successful and widely used? This fun and impactful method allows children and adults through small groups formed by similar age and ability levels to learn and play together in unison, developing abilities that cannot be developed through the private teaching method. We pride ourselves on forming and developing groups that have studied together in our Music School from the beginning of Grade 1 all the way through grade 10, which has allowed these students, while learning in a fun and effective method, to develop life long relationships! Our music lessons range from guitar lessons, piano lessons and even vocal, if you have the drive to learn about music you have come to the right music school.

Of course we continue to offer Private instruction as well for those students that demand a stricter focused course of study.

We have many programs and options to select from including Pre-School Music & Music For Little Mozarts, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Singing – Voice & Vocal Training Development, Drums, Violin, Bands – Combos, All Theory Programs including Preparatory, Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Rudiments, Basic Harmony, Music History, and our exclusive Assistant Teacher Training Program which allows highly trained students to be developed and trained to become instrumental teachers in our Music School!

To receive information on any of our music lessons simply click on the Free In-home Music Assessment icon on any page and provide a few details, we will contact you and provide your family with a Free, No Cost & No Obligation Music Assessment which can be provided in the comfort of your home, or one of our neighborhood locations.