Vocal Training & Singing Lessons

Ontario Conservatory of Music has developed several Voice, Vocal and Recreational Singing Training Programs that will provide you with the results you desire!

Television shows such as American Idol, Canadian Idol, The Voice, and other reality and talent shows have brought countless options forward for people of all ages to display their talent, and provide a platform to perform in the hopes of joining the many current talented artists we see today.

In 1995, we developed and introduced the first recreational singing lessons program, which incorporates the use of a singing machine, connected through a television media source, which allows the student to sing and perform in an actual live environment!

We also offer a grade voice examination syllabus to ensure proper development and progress.

Our Voice and Singing Lesson Programs has allowed students a direct opportunity through our Pop Combo Programs to take their newly developed skills and form a band. These bands are than provided the opportunity to enter our annual music competitions such as Bandfest and our annual Canadian Music League music competition. Our students also perform regularly at concerts and charity events throughout the community.

There are over 672 Bands currently formed throughout Ontario Conservatory of Music!

For more information simply click on the Free In Home, No Cost and No Obligation Music Assessment icon on any page, fill in a few details and we will contact you and assist you with reaching your musical goals!