Piano is one of the most familiar and popular musical instruments. It is played using a keyboard and the instrument is considered a percussion instrument because the strings are struck, rather than plucked.

Piano is widely used in classical and jazz music for solo performances, ensemble use, chamber music, accompaniment, and for composing and rehearsal. Learning Piano is often recommended for children between four and seven years of age, as the student develops skills that will transfer to other instruments as they get older.

We offer piano programs for all ages that are fun and educational. We teach all types of music lessons from classical to contemporary. Learn the fundamentals of piano with your favorite music of today or master advanced technical skills. Styles such as contemporary, jazz, rock and blues can be included in your personalized program! We recommend students start out in the Alfred’s Piano Program as this program is the most widely used and most popular piano program due to the wide variety of music styles included.

Our piano program incorporates grade yearly examinations, winter concerts, community recitals and annual competitions for all levels, ages and abilities. In preparing for competition, the students gain a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in competing in solos, duet, ensemble and mixed ensemble categories.

Our structured yearly calendar of concerts and competitions offer our students short-term attainable goals along with their regular music program from piano lessons to vocal lessons, which assists with their study towards the successful completion of each grade. Each year our locations have individual holiday – winter concerts held in December, Bandfest, which is an ensemble competition in held in March, and our Canadian Music League (CML) annual music competition for solo, duet and groups for all instruments. Our CML competition has become the largest competition of its kind in North America held over a four-day period in July.