55 Ontario Street South, Milton, Ontario, L9T2M3 Unit 23 Tel: 905-793-3332 Email:

The Milton Studio is conveniently located right in the center of Milton, in the Milton Mall.

The Conservatory has been proudly serving Milton for over 60 years! Students can attend their weekly lesson while parents can enjoy the comfort of the Milton Mall visiting the many retail stores.
If you are a long time resident of Milton, and you studied music as a child, chances are you studied with Ontario Conservatory of Music. In the beginning, the Conservatory pioneered many progressive music programs starting with Hawaiian Guitar, Accordion, Organ, and eventually Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Voice, and also Pre-school music programs, Theory, History, Harmony, and many others.

The Milton Studio Is Managed by Elaine Hillis. Elaine has been a dedicated and exemplary teaching professional, for over 32 years with Ontario Conservatory of Music. Elaine graduated with an Honors Music Degree from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She also holds a Senior Certificate in piano performance and vocal study from the Associate Board, London, England. Elaine has been managing the corporations Assistant Teacher Training Program for over 20 years. This program has trained and developed countless students into high quality Assistant, and regular program teachers! Elaine is also a Senior Examiner for all levels of study throughout the GTA. This level of quality is rarely found in a music teacher. Elaine has taught countless children and young adults from the pre-school levels, to the regular enjoyment of instrument study, through to training and advancing students for the university level! It is these results that set teachers apart.


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