Bands & Combos

The Ontario Conservatory of Music’s Pop Combo program has been developed for students currently studying an instrument, who have expressed an interest in performance, and would like to gain experience playing in a band setting. You will experience every aspect of band training including:

Forming and playing in a band: The student will be taught how to participate and collaborate in a band environment, learning how to co-operate, communicate, and work together to achieve group objectives and goals set together.

Musicality: The student will learn how different instruments work together within a song. Teaching to the importance of dynamics, rhythm/tempo, phrasing, tone, etc. when performing with others, while understanding how melody and harmony work together within an arrangement to compliment the overall feel of a song.

Selecting a Name: The group will have discussions regarding the selection of their band name. They will focus on a name that best represents the bands personality and characteristics that could make the most meaningful impact.

Choosing Your Songs: The group will learn how to make the best song selections for the band, taking into consideration skill levels and maximum enjoyment for the band.

Attending Competitions: The Ontario Conservatory of Music always encourages our students to participate in all of our sponsored concerts, recitals and competitions; such as our annual Bandfest and Canadian Music League competition. This will give you the opportunity to take your music outside the classroom and on to the stage where you can perform to an audience with all of the fun and excitement of lights, smoke machines and professional sound systems that professional musicians get to experience. Understanding that it doesn’t really matter what you play, but how you feel when you play that matters most, the pop combo program truly offers a unique and rewarding experience shared by all performers with a common objective and appreciation; music!