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Throughout our successful 82 year teaching history…we have been providing a Free, No Cost & No Obligation Musical Aptitude Assessment which determines aptitude for music. Appointments now conducted in our covid free and safe campus locations! The last 18 months have been a very difficult period for everyone, especially our children. Now more than ever, children need to get back involved in their activities and we can provide 100% safe and secure teaching environments that thousands of our students have returned to and are enjoying. Let us include your family in this fun and educational setting. We have received  many comments from parents on how difficult online lessons are and how the fun factor is just not there for kids, and we understand. The removal of the teacher with the student in-person, to guide, coach and motivate the student does have a negative impact on the overall enjoyment aspect making the lesson much less fun for kids.

Whether you are a parent who can see interest or ability in your child and would like to see how they would perform in a music environment, or a parent of a child who is currently in a music program and you want to see whether or not your child could be receiving much more from their studies, we would love the opportunity to provide a consultation with one of our highly trained program advisors who will perform the assessment and give you the answers you are looking for.

If you have a child that has had one or more music teachers or programs we would be pleased to provide an In-Studio Program Evaluation. This evaluation determines with great accuracy the exact theoretical and practical levels your child holds. These in studio evaluations are performed by an experience Senior Teacher.

Simply fill in the following form with as much information as needed and we will be pleased to contact you.

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