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Throughout our successful 85-year teaching history we have been providing a Free, No Cost & No Obligation Musical Aptitude Assessment which determines aptitude for music. This appointment can be provided in the comfort of your home, or in the nearest campus location.

We have continued the new cleaning and sanitizing protocols to stop the spread of covid, but to also keep a clean and safe environments for cold and flu seasons.

A strong factor in the success of a students music program is the weekly interaction and motivation from their teacher and the positive relationship that is developed through in-person study. Whether you are a parent who can see interest or ability in your child and would like to see how they would perform in a music environment, or a parent of a child who is currently in a music program and you want to see whether or not your child could be receiving much more from their studies, we would love the opportunity to provide a consultation with one of our highly trained program advisors who will perform the assessment and give you the answers you are looking for.

Has there been previous lessons?

For each new member that joins we provide an Education Program Assessment with a highly trained Senior Teacher. The assessment determines with great accuracy the exact theoretical and practical knowledge the potential student has.

Please provide us with a few details, we would pleased to answer any questions and start your musical journey!

In-Home Assessment
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