You have come to the right place, for a customized program tailored to your interests and needs at our Music School. Select the program of interest on the left, and select Get Started, we will provide you the answers your looking for!

Unlike Private Teachers, and Retail stores, we have a structured program that will allow adults and children to have fun learning to play a musical instrument while following a proper program syllabus.

Why is this important? Our students learn all Theory and Practical aspect for each grade.

Most private teaching organizations allow teachers to focus on a select number of songs, or even the exam piece for a long period of time.

Retail store establishments, while possibly being good at providing advice on current product, provide a “teach out of the back room” method. This is where you sign up and a teacher asks…”so what would you like to learn?”

We teach the Ontario, and Royal Conservatory Syllabus, while supplementing your program with fun and up to date music, which keeps your program interesting no matter it be a piano lessons or vocal lessons.

The result, you or your child, will posses all theory and practical, or, ‘playing ability’ required for each grade, and will be able to play independently at each grade, since you posses all requirements for each grade.  You will be able to play material written by anyone, at your grade level!

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