Best Music Program in Ontario

There are a number of music programs in Ontario, but few have the history and success of the Ontario Conservatory of Music. Our program speaks for itself with a low drop-out rate and thousands of satisfied students who have gone on to have successful careers both in and out of the music industry.

What Sets OCOM Apart
Group lessons have been scientifically proven to provide the best environment for learning, surpassing private and semi-private lessons. Through the years, we’ve refined our group teaching methodology to provide the best instruction available in Ontario. Our classes are carefully selected so that there are only 4 to 6 students per teacher and all students are grouped based on age and skill level.

A unique aspect of the Ontario Conservatory of Music program is our strict use of a syllabus and curriculum. All of our students learn how to read and write music, understand music theory and are exposed to a variety of genres, providing a holistic approach to music education.

We believe in our methodology and therefore don’t require students to sign a fixed contract for our music program. Instead, music lessons are paid for on a month-to-month basis and an elementary instrument is provided—free of charge—for the first 8 weeks of lessons.

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Our no-obligation musical assessment is administered by one of our highly trained program advisors and can help determine music aptitude, theoretical knowledge and practical skill level.

We take pride in delivering high-quality music education to our students. We teach in accordance with the Ontario Conservatory of Music and the Royal Conservatory of Music Examination Grade Standards. Our conservatory graded program will teach all theoretical, technical and practical aspects of each grade, which can be applied to all genres of music.

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