Why Music Performances are Important

Last month, we hosted our 65th annual Canadian Music League Music Competition, where 5,000 participants performed over 3 days. We encourage all OCOM students to participate in this prestigious competition because we believe music performances are extremely important for a well-rounded music education.

Performances Provide a Goal
When children are learning music, it’s helpful to have a tangible goal to work towards, like a public performance. By preparing for a recital, students learn the importance of planning for a performance selection, how to manage practice time and commitment required to perfect a piece.

Become Comfortable with Public Performance
Many children are nervous to perform because they have a fear of being in front of people and speaking to a group. Everytime they participate in a music performance, they are gaining valuable experience and helping to calm their nerves—which can be extremely helpful as they grow older.

Recognition for Hard Work
A music performance is the perfect way to recognize and reward students for the time and effort they’ve put into their studies. Having teachers, parents, friends, family and strangers appreciate their music can provide satisfaction and motivation to continue. 

Appreciate and Inspire
During recitals, students also have the opportunity to listen to other people perform. They have the opportunity to reflect on where they started, how far they’ve come and can be inspired to work towards the accomplishments of more advanced students. 

Performances are also a time to meet other musicians, make connections and build a community. If you’d like your child to participate in next year’s Canadian Music League Music Competition, get started with music lessons today.

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