Music Helps Students Excel in Academics

After providing lessons to students for over 80 years, we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact music has on children. When the Journal of Educational Psychology came out with a new Canadian study that found a correlation between music and academic excellence, we weren’t surprised.1

This comprehensive study was conducted in British Columbia and used educational records of over 110,000 students. It is the largest study of its kind to date and the results reinforce what we’ve been telling parents for decades. Overall, students who were highly engaged in music were found to be academically ahead of their non-musical peers by at least one year. They were also found to have higher exam scores and there is evidence that music can help foster executive cognitive functioning.

An interesting note to the study is that while any type of music helped improved academics, students that took instrumental music lessons outperformed those that only took vocal music lessons. Read the full study online

Ontario Conservatory of Music has always believed that music education is important for the overall development of children. That’s why we provide a free, no-obligation assessment that can help parents determine their child’s music aptitude, theoretical knowledge and practical skill level. 

Don’t hesitate to schedule your free in-home assessment. 

If you decide to move forward with our music program, we even provide a free instrument during the aptitude period (first six to eight weeks) to ensure the child is happy with their selection.

At Ontario Conservatory of Music, we take pride in delivering the highest-quality music education to all of our students. We teach in accordance with the Ontario Conservatory of Music and the Royal Conservatory of Music Examination Grade Standards. Our conservatory graded program will teach all theoretical, technical and practical aspects of each grade, which can be applied to all genres of music.

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